Corporate Training

If you want to make serious changes to staff morale in the current climate, then look no further than my speclialised employee fitness programmes which are taking Ireland by storm – one company at a time!

Exercise and well-being is a proven way to improve collective employee health levels and make your organisation work a lot better. There is no better feeling then doing a work-out before, during or after work to release those happy endorphins from within the body.

Many of my clients have experienced the impact of proactive corporate health initiatives first-hand for many years now to help overcome common health challenges and improve mental fortitude and behavioural health within their firms.

Typically, a group of tired, stressed-out colleagues walk in to a lunchtime class at 12.30pm, then walk out the door high five-ing and good-humoured at 1.15pm – it’s amazing what 45 minutes can do to increase that vital sense of wellbeing, togetherness and trust within a team to invigorate a healthy, happy team for any shared workplace challenges that lie ahead.


In addition to the more obvious day-to-day health benefits of having a healthy, happy workforce, there’s a wealth of additional perks that Irish firms see when availing of my customised corporate fitness options.

The benefits to your workforce include:

  • Improves team morale

  • Helps managers bond with teams

  • Strengthens collective health

  • Improves athletic ability

  • Reduces stress levels

  • Improves mental and psychological health

  • Promotes exceptional team-building opportunities

  • Reduces cost of employee health insurance schemes

  • Builds self esteem and confidence, with participants looking and feeling much better


Danny Casey Health & Fitness can come to you at your work place to give your workforce the fitness edge it needs to stay on top while maintaining a friendly working atmosphere. All class equipment is supplied by us so YOU don’t need to worry about anything. That’s MY business, not yours. You name it, I’ll do it.

However, if your company is interested in setting up its own in-house gym, that’s something Danny Casey also specialises in.  Whether it’s a cardiovascular based only gym or your company requiring free weights, squat racks or cross-fit style equipment, I will model it out for you.

I’ll also teach your staff correct usage of the equipment; from using a pull-up bar to operating a treadmill correctly. If it’s a matter of providing individual programmes, group programmes or challenges –  I take care of it all – from ‘Biggest Loser’ and ‘Ireland’s Fittest Workforce’ competitions to ‘Survival of the Fittest’.  YOU decide – I deliver.


Does your company need a kick up the backside and increase energy levels to make the team more productive in work? If so, this Lean for Life presentation is what you’re looking for!

I have designed this talk which will cover key topics to help improve your health and energy both in and out of the workplace. The talk lasts about 90 minutes in total.

What the presentation will focus on:

  • Why are we sick tired and out of shape

  • Fitness fads and myths

  • Nutritional protocol

  • Weights vs, Cardio

  • Changing your environment

  • Supplements

If you’d like some additional workplace wellness and health topics covered that aren’t listed above, please let me know in advance and I’ll gladly tailor the programme to suit your team’s specific needs.