Welcome to my site, I’m Danny Casey, a qualified health and fitness instructor, nutritionist and athlete with a passion for serving the people of Ireland with the professional health and fitness advice and coaching they need most throughout all stages of their lives.


Everything about my business is centred around you; without you, there is no me, and it’s through total commitment and dedication to my clients and their individual needs that gets me up in the morning and keeps me loving what I do!

Whether you’re on a personalised one-to-one training programme, part of a boot camp class or on a corporate training course, meeting your fitness objectives is my mission and client satisfaction my motivation.

All my training programmes are designed with you (yes, you!) – the individual – in mind, and I pride myself on being available and open for support, assistance and communication at all times.

Personal training programmes in Dublin and Kildare

Bootcamp training sessions open to the public

Corporate Fitness Training

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I have a serious passion for health and fitness and knew from an early age that I would be doing something in life that involved health and wellbeing.

I started my fitness career in 2004 in the National Training Centre in Dublin and have continued my education since, both here and in the UK with some of the best trainers, nutritionists and mindset coaches in the world.

I love to hit the hills for running and rucking training and to train with weights be it pushing, pulling, flipping, throwing – you name it, I love doing it! I’ve completed the 50-hour Navy Seal Kokoro Crucible in California, competed in cage fighting and a physique body competition (both at 40) as well as a ton of military-themed races and marathons.

As an expert in my field, I know what it takes to get prepared for something both physically and mentally challenging with the right mindset, nutrition and training.


Diploma in holistic medicine with IAHM

Diploma in sport and exercise psychology with IBAT

TRX level 1

Diploma in addiction studies DCC

Personal Trainer and Exercise and Health Studies NTC Dublin

Thump Boxing level 1 and 2

CrossFit Level 1 Trainer {Manchester}

Mobility, Nutrition, Sprint Training Elite performance academy Dublin

Phil Richards - The Science of Fat Loss

KBI Hard-style Kettlebell level 1 Functional fitness Ireland

Barbell lifting level 1 Functional fitness Ireland

ZUU human movement level 1

Pilates mat work level 1 Functional fitness Ireland

Functional Movement systems level 1 and 2


Damien R
Damien R
I have been doing training with Danny for 3 years now. He kept us going throughout the pandemic on zoom. He makes sure to have diversity in the training (like boxing for instance) to keep it entertaining and fun. I really appreciate training with Danny!
Eoin Mallin
Eoin Mallin
Always a great session with Danny. Hate missing it. And he’s a nice guy too 💪🏻
Colin McGarrigle
Colin McGarrigle
Been going to Danny classes for over a year now. Excellent trainer and motivator and a great guy also.
Dean Thornton
Dean Thornton
Coaching in fitness, nutrition and wellbeing, Danny has been excellent. 5kg and 4% BF lost so far, the results speak for themselves. Highly recommended.
Gerd Benndorf
Gerd Benndorf
Having spent many hours cycling st weekends, I started group fitness classes with Danny in 2019 and was a bit sceptical first. There is no doubt that it is a great addition to cycling/running and many others aerobic exercise as it provides the much needed balance. I used to occasionally get shoulder pains after very long cycles, which I haven't noticed since starting the classes with Danny. Snd it's a bit of fun too. Keep up the good work Danny!
Fiona Hall
Fiona Hall
I have been doing Danny's classes for about 4 months. I have lost half a stone which I am delighted with. Every class he gives is different so it is never repetitive. He does a mixture of indoor and outdoor. I look forward to his classes as apart from the physical aspect, the workout is great for getting headspace. He is very encouraging and supportive!
Maresa Hanahoe
Maresa Hanahoe
I have been training with Danny as part of a small group since 2017. He offers a variety of workouts for all ranges and abilities. Danny manages to make a tough workout fun! The other members and I have all noticed results since training with him. I would highly recommend training with Danny.
john higgins
john higgins
Danny provides a really top quality service. I trained with Danny for over 6 years in ESB. He conducted circuit training and Pilates classes for many different groups at all fitness levels. You are guaranteed a 5 ***** star service. I would say the training sessions Danny completed in ESB were life changing for many. Danny tailored the classes to suit everyones fitness requirements. I had a lot of trouble with my lower back and the pain disappeared quickly after completing a mobility plan Danny recommended. You could not even put a price on this! Danny looks after everyone and adds a lovely personal touch to his classes. He is an excellent influencer and motivator. Looking forward to training with you in the future. Thanks


Whether you’re just getting started out in exercise, looking to return to healthier living habits or a seasoned athlete training for a professional event – and everything in-between – I’ve got a programme that’ll maximise returns and keep you in tip-top shape in line with your health and fitness objectives

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